Our services

Manufacturing of all media: vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, tape cassettes and USB keys.

Quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Tips to maximize the feasibility and profitability of a project. 

Competitive and adapted to the music market. 

Effective monitoring of orders and quotes within 48-72h.

In connection with physical and digital distributors and music publishers.



Squeezer was created to meet a growing need for independent artists and producers seeking advice related to the manufacturing of all musical selections, Vinyl, CD, tape cassettes, etc..

With 10 years of experience in record manufacturing for distributors, Squeezer is the interface with the factory. We pay close attention to the needs of our clients, offering high quality service with competitive rates.


After working with several major plants across Europe, Squeezer moves towards 100% German production and partners with the Optimal Media factory, the international reference on the market for all media including vinyl.


The digital market is consolidating, and streaming takes up considerable space on the musical landscape as listeners seek greater proximity with the artists. A growing interest for band-related objects as well as a new wave of ideas from artists and producers brings more attention and innovation to the manufacturing of music media.

Squeezer studies different ways of combining feasibility and profitability, offering its expertise to help optimize manufacturing costs for its clients.


Vinyl production reaches capacity in all major European factories, demand is soaring, and delays lengthen considerably. However Squeezer consolidates its partnership with Optimal Media to become their French representative, gaining advantages and shorter delays while offering high quality service.



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