Legal Information

In order to protect your rights as a producer, it is preferable to indicate on the washers of the Vinyl or the CD the following information:

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited."

Client Obligations

An SDRM statement (Society for the administration of mechanical rights) is required to manufacture a record. It is free for non-SACEM members and payable for SACEM members..

The processing time is approximately 5 working days, excluding additional information requests after the original demand and excluding SDRM regulation registration.


This statement must be validated and approved by the SDRM before delivery.


Create an account on opo.sacem.fr then fill out the form, clearly stating :

  • The information on the record (Title, Main Artist, your Internal reference number - ex: SQUEEZER001LP)
  • Media type - list of categories :

• CD LP Album
• CD Single (23 min - 5 works)
• Cassette from 16 to 60 min
• Cassette > 60 min
• Vinyl 45T 30cm (Maxi Single)
• Vinyl 33T 30cm
• Vinyl 45T 17cm (8 min - 2 works)
• Vinyl 45T 17cm EP (16 min - 4 works)

For vinyl 10" (25cm), please select Vinyl 33T 30cm.


Only fill out one statement per Volume. Ex : Vinyl 2x12 = 2 Statements (AB) and (CD) / Ex : 3CDs = 3 Statements CD1 / CD2 / CD3 )

You must divide your Gross PPD by as the total volume. Ex : Vinyl 2x12 with PDD at 10€ : PPD Statement Volume AB = 5€ / PPD Statement Volume CD = 5€

Please Contact the SDRM for more details.

  • Information on the quantities and prices of sales (total quantity to be manufactured, Phonograms for sale, Gross PPD, Phonograms distributed free)
  • The address of the manufacturer :
    Raison sociale : SQUEEZER
    Adresse : 87 rue du Faubourg du Temple
    CP : 75010
    Ville : Paris
    Pays : France
    Tel : 09 50 14 23 28
    Mail :
  • Your Address :
    Name of the company : Company Name
    Address : 
    Zip : 
    City : 
    Country : 
    Phone :
    Email :
  • And all information relating to the work (Title, Type, Author(s), Composer(s), Time etc..).


You can pay your fee SDRM in two ways:

It is very important to properly indicate the application number on your payments.

1 : By Credit Card (Online, effective within 1 day)
2 : By bank transfer (faster) by downloading the SDRM Bank Details.
3 : By check to the following address :

Sacem / Sdrm / Service audio
225 Avenue Charles de Gaulle
92528 Neuilly sur Seine Cedex


To understand the rates, go to the page "The Licensing fee for producing a Record" on the SACEM website.

SDRM Contact

  • +33 (0)1 47 15 47 15 – dial 4, then dial 9 and ask for the SDRM audio service.